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Parvati is the consort of Shiva in her benevolent form; she is his Shakti, or vital, feminine energy.  Also known as Uma, Gauri, or Jaganmata; or Durga, Kali in the fierce, demon-fighting forms.

Taraka, a demon who had been granted a gift of near invincibility, was told that only a son of Shiva would be capable of killing him.

The assembly of gods, worried that Taraka was becoming too powerful and that Shiva, engaged in severe penances following his first wife Sati's death, would not bother to find a new wife and to procreate, decided to act.

The gods sent Parvati (‘daughter of the Himalayas’, sister of the goddess Ganga) to visit Shiva.  They were hoping that he would be attracted by her perfect beauty.  After the fateful intervention of Kama, Shiva finally married Parvati who gave him two sons, Skanda and Ganesha.  As foretold, Skanda eventually killed Taraka.

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