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Phnom Bok Temple

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Date: Early 10th century CE
Style: Bakheng
King: Yashovarman I (reign 889 – 915 CE)
Cult: Hindu (Trimurti)


Phnom Bok (Khmer: ប្រាសាទ​ភ្នំបូក) has almost an identical layout to Phnom Krom Temple, the other 'Trimurti' temple built by Yashovarman I on top of a hill.  The carvings and decorative features at Phnom Bok remain in far better condition due to their more protected location and relatively recent discovery.

There is a huge linga to the west of the temple, and several devatas and other dancing figures decorate the walls.

The central sanctuary was devoted to Shiva, the northern one to Vishnu, and the southern one to Brahma.

There are also four 'libraries', two of them built from sandstone blocks now have large trees growing on them.

Approximately 15 km northwest of Siem Riep, the temple sits at the pinnacle of the 235 m (770') hill and offers magnificent views over the surrounding rice fields.  It is the most elevated of the three temple peaks of Angkor; with Phnom Krom Temple at 137 m (450') and Phnom Bakheng Temple at only 60 m (200') – the hill that is climbed the most by tourists being by far the smallest.  All three temples were built by Yashovarman I; Phnom Bakheng Temple was the first, established just before he moved his capital to Angkor and named it Yashodharapura.


Map of Phnom Bok

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