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Prei Prasat Temple

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Date: Late 12th – early 13th century CE
Style: Bayon
King: Jayavarman VII (reign 1181 – 1220 CE)
Cult: Mahayana Buddhist


Prasat Prei Prasat, or Ta Oun (Khmer: ប្រាសាទចាន់តាអួន), has a single enclosure with a laterite gate on the east side, a library in the south-east corner, and a large cruciform sanctuary with impressive false doors – the same dimensions and layout as Prei Temple and Krol Ko Temple, found further to the east.

Lokeshvara (damaged), flanked by Vishnu and Brahma, can be seen on the eastern pediment.


Map of Prasat Prei Prasat

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