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Srah Srang

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Date: Mid 10th century, completed late 12th century CE
Style: Bayon
King: Rajendravarman II (reign 944 – 968 CE), Jayavarman VII (reign 1181 – 1220 CE)


Srah Srang (Khmer: ស្រះស្រង់, "Royal Bath") is a small baray located south of the East Baray and east of Banteay Kdei Temple.

This is a beautiful and tranquil place to take a break from your temple explorations.

Srah Srang was dug in the mid-10th century by the architect and guru Kavindrarimathana, Buddhist minister of Rajendravarman II.

10th century inscriptions tell us that here "water has been stored for the benefit of all creatures", except for the 'dyke-breakers' – the elephants.

It was modified around the year 1200 by Jayavarman VII, who added the laterite jetty and ornamentation at its western side, probably because the East Baray had been overwhelmed by sediment and had begun malfunctioning.

A few stones have been discovered at the centre of the lake, suggesting that perhaps once there was a small sanctuary like the West- or East Mebon Temple.


Map of Srah Srang

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