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Trijata (Sanskrit: त्रिजटा) is a rakshasi (demoness) in the Ramayana who is assigned the duty of guarding the kidnapped princess and goddess Sita.

Sita, the consort of Rama (the prince of Ayodhya and an avatar of the god Vishnu), has been abducted by Ravana of Lanka, a demon king whom Trijata serves.

Barring a few exceptions where Trijata is cast as Ravana's agent, she is generally portrayed as a friend and loyal companion of Sita in her adversity.  On numerous occasions, she offers solace to Sita and brings news from the outside world; she also dissuades Sita from committing suicide.  After Rama's victory and Ravana's death, Trijata is richly rewarded by Sita and Rama.

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