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Udayadityavarman I

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Preceded by
Jayavarman V
968 – 1001
Udayadityavarman I
Emperor of Angkor

1001 – 1002
Succeeded by
1002 – 1010
Suryavarman I
1002 – 1050

Religion: Hindu (Shaivite)
Relatives: Maternal nephew of Jayavarman V
Brother of Jayaviravarman


Udayadityavarman I only reigned for a few months before he was overthrown by his brother Jayaviravarman, triggering an eight-year civil war in which the throne was contested by Jayaviravarman, ruling from Yashodharapura (Angkor), and from the north by the usurper Suryavarman I, who finally prevailed in 1010 CE.

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