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Yashovarman I

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Preceded by
Indravarman I
877 – 889
Yashovarman I
Emperor of Angkor

889 – 915
Succeeded by
Harshavarman I
915 – 924

Religion: Hindu (Shaivite)
Monuments: Lolei Temple (893 CE)
Phnom Bakheng Temple (907 CE)
East Baray (Yashodharatataka)
Phnom Krom Temple
Phnom Bok Temple
Relatives: Son of Indravarman I (reign 877 – 889 CE)
Father of Harshavarman I (reign 915 – 924 CE) and Ishanavarman II (reign 924 – 928 CE)


Yashovarman I was the first Angkorean king to establish his capital near Phnom Bakheng Temple at the end of the 9th century, naming it Yashodharapura (present-day Angkor).

Yashovarman I first built the temple of Lolei Temple, dedicated to the memory of his parents and grandparents, in the middle of the Indratataka baray.  The royal road built by Yashovarman I to link Phnom Bakheng Temple to the Indratataka draws a straight line which can still be observed on satellite pictures.

In addition to his state-temple built on top of Phnom Bakheng, Yashovarman I ordered the construction of the East Baray and of two smaller temples situated at the top of the other hills dominating the Siem Reap area, Phnom Bok Temple and Phnom Krom Temple.  The three sanctuaries of these 'Trimurti' temples were dedicated to Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu.

Yashovarman I, also built one hundred ashrams (monasteries) in his kingdom, which suggests that the territories he controlled covered a large area.

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