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Indravarman II

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Preceded by
Jayavarman VII
1181 – 1220
Indravarman II
Emperor of Angkor

1220 – 1243/1270*
Succeeded by
Jayavarman VIII
1243/1270* – 1295

Religion: Mahayana Buddhist
Monuments: Banteay Kdei Temple (expanded)
Palilay Temple?
Relatives: Son of Jayavarman VII (reign 1181 – 1220 CE)
Father of Jayavarman VIII (reign 1243/1270 – 1295 CE)


Indravarman II (Khmer: ឥន្ទ្រវរ្ម័នទី២) was son of Jayavarman VII.

We know very little about the reign of Indravarman II, possibly because his successor, Jayavarman VIII, may have destroyed historical records about him.  The only inscription which directly mention him reports that he died in 1243.

He was a Buddhist, like his father, and is credited with having enlarged (or completed) some of Jayavarman VII's monuments.  During his peaceful reign, Angkor lost control of Champa and the newborn Sukhothai Kingdom under Indraditya took possession of some western territories.

David P. Chandler hypothesised that Indravarman II was possibly the Leper King of Khmer legends.

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