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Jayavarman IV

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Preceded by
Ishanavarman II
924 – 928
Jayavarman IV
Emperor of Angkor

928 – 941
Succeeded by
Harshavarman II
941 – 944

Religion: Hindu (Shaivite)
Monuments: Thom Temple at Koh Ker
Relatives: Son of king Indravarman I's daughter, Mahendradevi
Married to his aunt, a half-sister of king Yashovarman I (reign 889 – 915 CE)
Father of Harshavarman II (reign 941 – 944 CE)
Uncle to Rajendravarman II (reign 944 – 968 CE)


Jayavarman IV is regarded by many historians as a usurper, he contested the reigns of Yashovarman I's sons, Harshavarman I and Ishanavarman II.  In 921 he set up his own capital at Koh Ker: an inscription dated 921 states, "Jayavarman IV left the city of Yashodharapura to reign at Chok Gargyar taking the Devaraja with him." The rivalry lasted from 921 until the death of Ishanavarman II in 928, after which Jayavarman IV reigned supreme.

Jayavarman means "victorious protector".  "Jaya" literally means "victorious", and "varman", a suffix used in the reign-names of the overlords of Funan and Chenla, and throughout Cambodian history, means “armour”; hence, “protection”.

Jeyavarman IV died in 941 and received the posthumous name of Paramashivapada.  His succession was not peaceful and his young son Harshavarman II reigned briefly until 944.  Then Rajendravarman II (reign 944 - 968), one of Jeyavarman IV's nephews (and on his mother’s side, a nephew of Yashovarman I as well), returned the capital to Yashodharapura.

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