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Jayavarman V

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Preceded by
Rajendravarman II
944 – 968
Jayavarman V
Emperor of Angkor

968 – 1001
Succeeded by
Udayadityavarman I
1001 – 1002

Religion: Hindu (Shaivite)
Monuments: Ta Keo Temple (1000)
Relatives: Son of Rajendravarman II (reign 944 – 968 CE)


Jayavarman V (Khmer: ជ័យវរ្ម័នទី៥) succeeded his father, Rajendravarman II, in 968 CE, when he was still a boy and appears to have spent several years under the close supervision of relatives and high officials.  One of these officials, a Brahmin named Yajnavaraha, Jayavarman V's tutor and guru, founded the temple now known as Banteay Srei Temple ('Citadel of Women').

Jayavarman V's reign lasted for about 30 years and his kingdom was peaceful and prosperous.

Jayavarman means "victorious protector".  "Jaya" literally means "victorious", and "varman", a suffix used in the reign-names of the overlords of Funan and Chenla, and throughout Cambodian history, means “armour”; hence, “protection”.

Jayavarman V started the temple of Ta Keo Temple, but his death in 1001 marked the beginning of a chaotic decade which caused the interruption of its construction and the temple’s decoration was not completed.

Jayavarman V died in 1001 and received the posthumous name of Paramaviraloka.  He was succeeded by Udayadityavarman I, who only reigned until 1002.  Succession to the throne then seems to have been contested until 1010, when Suryavarman I finally prevailed over Jayaviravarman, about whom little is known.

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