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Jayavarman VI

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Preceded by
Harshavarman III
1066 – 1080
Jayavarman VI
Emperor of Angkor

1080 – 1107
Succeeded by
Dharanindravarman I
1107 – 1112

Religion: Hindu (Shaivite)
Monuments: Phimai Temple in present-day Thailand
Relatives: Younger brother of Dharanindravarman I (reign 1107 – 1112 CE)


Jayavarman VI (Khmer: ជ័យវរ្ម័នទី៦) was probably a vassal prince of the Angkor Empire before he usurped the throne in 1080 CE, after internal rebellions and an unsuccessful war with Champa during the reign of his predecessor Harshavarman III.

Jayavarman VI was probably engaged in several years of strife against those who remained loyal to the legitimate line of Harshavarman III and his heir Nripatindravarman, who may have reigned in Angkor until 1113.

He died prematurely in 1107 CE and was succeeded by his older brother, Dharanindravarman I, who became king '...having no desire for royalty...'.

Jayavarman VI received the posthumous name Paramakaivalyapada.

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