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Preah Pithu Temple Group

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Date: 13th century CE
Style: Angkor Wat modified to Post-Bayon
King: Jayavarman VIII (reign 1243/1270 – 1295 CE)
Cult: Hindu (Shaivite)


The Preah Pitus (Khmer: ព្រះពិធត) are five temples grouped together in Angkor Thom, but they were probably not designed as a group.  Despite their ruined state, they have some lovely decorative carving, and although they are among the most ignored monuments at Angkor, their setting in a peaceful forested area deserted by tour groups, turns their visit into a very pleasurable experience.

As they do not bear inscriptions we do not know when these temples were built, but it was probably at some time in the 13th century CE, which makes them, together with nearby Palilay Temple, among the very last temples built in Angkor.

Preah Pitu X was initially a Hindu temple, like the others, but was later made Buddhist.


Map of The Preah Pitus

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