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Banteay Chhmar Temple

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Date: Late 12th - early 13th century
Style: Bayon
King: Jayavarman VII (reign 1181 – 1220 CE)
Cult: Mahayana Buddhist


Banteay Chhmar (Khmer: បន្ទាយឆ្មារ) was one of the largest temple-city complexes built by the kings of Angkor.

160 km north-west of Siem Reap, Banteay Chhmar is well worth a day-trip if you have the time.

Although much of the complex is in a poor state of repair, Banteay Chhmar has some wonderful bas-reliefs to rival those of the Bayon Temple.  It also has a few remaining face-towers, and some beautiful pediments in the Hall of the Kinnaris.


Map of Banteay Chhmar

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