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Palilay Temple

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Date: 13th century CE
Style: Bayon to Post-Bayon
King: Indravarman II (reign 1220 – 1243/1270 CE)
Cult: Mahayana Buddhist


Preah Palilay (Khmer: ប្រាសាទព្រះប៉ាលេឡៃ) is a delightful little temple, lost in a peaceful section of the forest to the north of the Royal Palace.

Preah Palilay is one of the very few temples in the Angkor area where the images of Buddha have not been destroyed, leading us to believe that this temple was built after the Hindu reaction, and therefore one of the last stone temples erected in Angkor.

The sanctuary, perched on top of a large pyramidal base, features an unusually high tower (here a truncated pyramid, not the usual tower with reducing levels).

To the east of the sanctuary is a beautiful cruciform naga terrace, one of the best preserved in Angkor, and the eastern gate has several fabulous pediments.


Map of Preah Palilay

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