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Preah Enkosei Temple

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Date: Mid 10th century CE
King: Rajendravarman II (reign 944 – 968 CE)
Cult: Hindu


Prasat Preah Enkosei (Khmer: វត្តព្រះឥន្ឌកោសីយ៍) was built by Divakarabhata, a Brahmin from India who married Rajendravarman II's daughter.

Prasat Preah Enkosei has two sanctuaries but there should be three, the southern one has all but vanished, or perhaps was never built.

The main attraction at Prasat Preah Enkosei is the lintel of the central sanctuary, showing Indra on a single-headed Airavata and, above it, a simplified but charming representation of the Churning of the Ocean of Milk where Vishnu is holding the churning pole.  Note the single asura and the seven devas holding Vasuki.  To the left of the asura is a rare depiction of the Trimurti; Brahma (sitting on a throne), Shiva (riding Nandi) and Vishnu.

On the inner lintel of the gopura, you can see Narasimha, the lion-man avatar of Vishnu.

These are the oldest representations of the two myths in Angkor.


Map of Prasat Preah Enkosei

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