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Bei Temple

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Date: 10th century CE
Style: Bakheng
King: Yashovarman I (reign 889 – 915 CE)
Cult: Hindu (Shaivite)


Little is known about Prasat Bei (Khmer: ប្រាសាទបី, meaning 'three towers') except that it was never completed.

The temple consists of three brick towers on a laterite base with a single staircase facing east.  The central tower contained a linga.  The south and central lintels feature Indra on Airavata.  The lintel on the north tower, where only a general layout has been outlined, shows us that carvers executed their work on-site.

Prasat Bei is located a short distance to the west of Bay Ka-ek Temple, near Angkor Thom South Gate.


Map of Bei Temple

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