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Thommanon Temple

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Date: Mid 12th century CE
Style: Angkor Wat
King: Suryavarman II (reign 1113 – 1150 CE)
Cult: Hindu (Vishnuite)


Thommanon Temple (Khmer: ប្រាសាទធម្មនន្ទ) forms a pair with its similarly-arranged southern counterpart Chau Say Tevoda Temple, located in a symmetrical fashion on the opposite side of the Victory Road leading from the Royal Palace to the East Baray.  Note, however, that both Thommanon Temple and Chau Say Tevoda Temple pre-date this road, which was constructed under Jayavarman VII.

Like Chau Say Tevoda Temple, the slightly larger Thommanon Temple has undergone an extensive restoration and features a fully-intact Angkor-Wat-style lotus-bud tower rising over the sanctuary.

Thommanon Temple has excellent relief decoration (again in the style of Angkor Wat Temple), the best of which is on the west gopura and on the pediments and lintels inside, especially the magnificent lintel featuring Vishnu standing on a Garuda with foliage stems ending with makara heads disgorging nagas.  It also has some of the best devatas in Angkor.


Map of Thommanon Temple

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