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Historians date the beginning of the 'Angkor period' as 802 CE, based on an inscription describing the coronation of Jayavarman II on Phnom Kulen on that date.

Note that the Angkor site was occupied before 802, and there are pre-Angkor temples in Angkor.

This is a chronology of the kings who ruled the Empire for the more than 500 years of Angkor:


Ruler Reign Capital
Jayavarman II 802 – 835 Hariharalaya (present-day Roluos)
Temples on Phnom Kulen, including Rong Chen Temple
Temples in Hariharalaya (present-day Roluos)
Kutishvara Temple

Jayavarman III 835 – 877 Hariharalaya (present-day Roluos)

Indravarman I 877 – 889 Hariharalaya (present-day Roluos)
Indratataka (Baray)
Preah Ko Temple (880)
Bakong Temple (881)

Yashovarman I 889 – 915 Yashodharapura
Lolei Temple (893)
Phnom Bakheng Temple (907)
East Baray (Yashodharatataka)
Phnom Krom Temple
Phnom Bok Temple
Bay Ka-ek Temple
Bei Temple

Ruler Reign Capital
Harshavarman I 915 – 924 Yashodharapura
Baksei Chamkrong Temple (started)
Kravan Temple
Phimeanakas Temple (started?)

Ishanavarman II 924 – 928 Yashodharapura

Jayavarman IV 928 – 941 Koh Ker
Thom Temple at Koh Ker

Harshavarman II 941 – 944 Koh Ker

Rajendravarman II 944 – 968 Yashodharapura
Baksei Chamkrong Temple (completed 948)
East Mebon Temple (953)
Pre Rup Temple (961)
Bat Chum Temple
Srah Srang
Kutishvara Temple (enlarged)
Banteay Srei Temple (967)
Phimeanakas Temple (started?)

Ruler Reign Capital
Jayavarman V 968 – 1001 Yashodharapura (Jayendranagari)
Ta Keo Temple (1000)

Udayadityavarman I 1001 – 1002 Yashodharapura

Jayaviravarman 1002 – 1010 Yashodharapura

Suryavarman I 1002 – 1050 Yashodharapura
North Khleang Temple
South Khleang Temple
Phimeanakas Temple (completed)
Royal Palace
West Baray (started)
Chau Srei Vibol Temple
Preah Vihear Temple
Wat Phu (in present-day Laos)

Udayadityavarman II 1050 – 1066 Yashodharapura
Baphuon Temple
West Baray
West Mebon Temple

Ruler Reign Capital
Harshavarman III 1066 – 1080 Yashodharapura

Jayavarman VI 1080 – 1107 Yashodharapura
Phimai Temple in present-day Thailand

Dharanindravarman I 1107 – 1112 Yashodharapura

Suryavarman II 1113 – 1150 Yashodharapura
Angkor Wat Temple
Thommanon Temple
Chau Say Tevoda Temple
Banteay Samre Temple
Beng Mealea Temple?

Dharanindravarman II 1150 – 1156 Preah Khan of Kompong Svay
Beng Mealea Temple
Preah Khan of Kompong Svay
Chau Say Tevoda Temple (additions)
Banteay Samre Temple (additions)

Yashovarman II 1156 – 1165 Yashodharapura
Bakong Temple (a new version of the central sanctuary)

Ruler Reign Capital
Tribhuvanadityavarman 1165 – 1177 Yashodharapura

Jayavarman VII 1181 – 1220 Angkor Thom
Ta Prohm Temple
Ta Prohm Kel Temple (1186)
Preah Khan Temple
Banteay Prei Temple
Prei Temple
Prei Prasat Temple
Banteay Thom Temple
Tonle Sgnout Temple
Banteay Kdei Temple
Ta Som Temple
Ta Nei Temple
Srah Srang (completed)
Jayatataka (Baray)
Neak Poan Temple
Krol Ko Temple
Banteay Chhmar Temple
Preah Khan of Kompong Svay (additions)
Angkor Thom (walls and gates)
Royal Palace (additions)
Royal Terraces (Elephant and Leper King)
Suor Proat Temple
Bayon Temple
Chrung Temples

Ruler Reign Capital
Indravarman II 1220 – 1243/1270 Angkor Thom
Banteay Kdei Temple (expanded)
Palilay Temple?

Jayavarman VIII 1243/1270 – 1295 Angkor Thom
Terrace of the Leper King (expanded)
Preah Pithu Temple Group
East Top Temple (1295) — the last dated Angkor temple

The construction of temples in Angkor came to a halt in 1295, but Angkor Thom would remain the capital of the kingdom until 1431 or 1432.

Indravarman III 1295 – 1308 Angkor Thom

Indravarman IV 1308 – 1327 Angkor Thom

Jayavarman IX 1327 – 1336 Angkor Thom


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